E-gold vs Credit Card

Transactions in E-Gold processed immediately online with 100% acceptance unlike credit cards which can be declined without any reason or you will have to wait for approval.  

E-Gold gives   you 100% anonymity when you buy. You don’t have to reveal your personal information to merchants like you do buying by a credit card. Even if you are funding your e-Gold account by credit card, the exchange agent knows your info, but he  does not know what you buy with your e-Gold! With credit cards everybody (from your wife, bank employees to FBI)  knows about your purchases from credit card statement . 

E-Gold is not subject to fraud. Knowing your e-Gold ID will not help someone else to get your money without the secret passphrase, which only you know. On the opposite, anybody knowing your credit card # can steal your money paying for whatever. Each year 10% of credit card owners shopping online become victims of credit card fraud! Credit cards are good for ATMs and real-life shops, not the internet!

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