E-Gold vs Paypal

E-Gold and Paypal are the two main options for E-Currency available. E-Gold is backed by actual gold reserves in a bank in Panama while Paypal is backed by actual currency. Paypal has established itself as the main company of choice for buying online. Getting a Paypal account is free however you would have to verify your identity with credit card.

A severe disadvantage of paypal is that they have been known to freeze questionable accounts. E-Gold on the other hand is free and anonymous and does not impose any restrictions on questionable accounts, it is backed by physical gold so no country based on it’s own currency can take action against the account. Currency can be deposited to E-Gold by using one of the many online currency exchange services.

One thought on “E-Gold vs Paypal

  1. There are lots of options for deposit to an e-gold account: Bank wire, Western Union, Cash Deposit at many global bank locations. There is a DGCwiki coming soon but not yet open.

    PayPal is super difficult to open and operate, they will limit the account based on loggin on from a different country or state. I just got locked out because I forgot I was on a proxy and tried to log onto PayPal, now they want bank account statements and Drivers License copies. Terrible.


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