Using your Nokia E65 as a modem

Need an Internet connection? No WLAN in range? No problem. Use the GPRS or 3G connection in your Nokia E65 to get an Internet connection for your compatible PC over the cellular data network. Here’s how…

Getting Started

In order to use your Nokia E65 as a modem for your PC, you must have:

  • Network access: an operator agreement for your Nokia E65 that includes GPRS or 3G data transfer
  • A compatible Windows-based PC with a USB port
  • A Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-53 (supports USB 2.0 standard and maximum transfer speeds)

Note: It is also possible to set up a Nokia E65 – PC connection using Bluetooth or infrared. For more information, please refer to the Nokia PC Suite help menu or your Nokia E65 user guide.

Setting up Your PC – Phone Connection

  1. Install Nokia PC Suite software on your PC. If you already have the latest version of Nokia PC Suite installed, skip to the ‘Connect to the Internet Using One Touch Access’ section below.

    Caution! Do not connect the USB connectivity cable before or during PC Suite installation.

  2. When Nokia PC Suite installation is finished, Nokia PC Suite will automatically launch the Get Connected wizard. The on-screen instructions will guide you to connect the USB connectivity cable to your PC, and then to your Nokia E65.
  3. The default connection setting will appear on your phone screen. Select PC Suite.

    Note: If you have changed the default connection setting, refer to the Nokia E65 user guide.

  4. Nokia PC Suite will install the cable drivers. This installation may take a few moments, and you may be asked to accept multiple driver installations.

Connect to the Internet Using One Touch Access

Once you have Nokia PC Suite properly installed, you can connect to the Internet using your PC.

  1. Start Nokia PC Suite on your PC.
  2. In the Nokia PC Suite main menu, click on Connect to the Internet. This will open One Touch Access.
  3. Click Connect on the One Touch Access screen to establish the Internet connection.
You’re connected! When you’re finished using the Internet, click Disconnect to close the connection.

Note: When the One Touch Access screen appears on your PC, make sure that the Nokia USB modem is selected under ‘Connection will be established using’ and that a green G is displayed next to it.

If not:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Select the Nokia USB setting for your device from the menu
  3. Click Next
  4. Select your network operator from the list or configure the connection manually
  5. Click Finish

For more tips and troubleshooting information, please see PC Suite Support.


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